Binance: Book a Ride and Pay with Bitcoin

October 15, 2022 by No Comments

Binance’s new ride-hailing service plans to become a super app.

Have you ever wished you could order an Uber with your cryptocurrency? In this market, it may have been a fantastic use of your money. Joking aside, Binance’s new collaboration makes it possible to do exactly that.

The world’s biggest crypto exchange, Binance, has announced a new partnership with Splyt, a company that enables super apps and provides on-demand services. The partnership will give Binance users in more than 150 countries access to ride-hailing services within the app. This makes Binance the first crypto company to offer such a service.

According to Binance, company executives are excited that cryptocurrency and blockchain will be implemented in practical situations.

Binance users will be able to book rides through the Binance Marketplace and pay in cryptocurrency, according to a statement. This will include bike-sharing, scooters, airport transfers, public transportation, and even food delivery, according to the announcement.

Customers can pay easily and quickly through Binance Pay. Thanks to Splyt’s support network and local language options, users of the Binance app will have a great experience when ordering their next ride.

Pakning Luk, Regional Head of Business Development for Binance Pay, praised the partnership with Splyt and anticipated users being able to use Splyt’s services without leaving the Binance app.

Philipp Mintchin, the co-founder and CEO of Splyt, said that he is “delighted to work with Binance,” adding: “Binance’s 90 million users will become a very powerful sales channel for our network of ride-hailing and experience providers.”

Spending cryptocurrency on things like real-world use cases and experiences represents a significant step forward for crypto businesses, to say nothing of the fact that it makes spending money as easy as sending messages.

There is now at least one reason to be grateful to keep cryptocurrency in a year like 2022, when the market is as terrible as it has ever been.

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